Nekempti And Wollega

Nekempti also known as Lekempti, is a region located within the state of Wellega. This coffee would typically be sold as “Lekempti,” a trade name in coffee to designate Western Ethiopian coffees traded through the city of Nekempte, while the coffee actually originates further west in East Wollega, also called “Misraq Wellega”, which is the Gimbi woreda.

Gimbi is often grouped together with the adjacent Lekempti (technically, 80 miles to the east).

Wellega is the highland area in the South western part of Ethiopia with more rainfall than in the dry Northern and Eastern areas of Ethiopia.

Lekempti is a sun-dried natural bean produced in western Ethiopia. The coffee is known for its large bean size, and the flavor can have a pronounced perfume-like aftertaste.

Coffee processing styles in Wollega have traditionally been sun-dried natural.

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